One of the Safest & Effective Infertility Solutions – IVF in Bangladesh

One of the Safest & Effective Infertility Solutions - IVF in Bangladesh

Infertility- a curse for the barren couple:

Infertility can be referred to as a disease that leads to an inability of a person to contribute to conception or a female who is not able to carry the pregnancy to full terms. It is known that the potency of fertility in both men and women decrease drastically after they hit the 30 mark. If a couple has been trying to conceive for over a year with no success, they are highly likely to be under the shadow of infertility.

A brief idea about In Vitro Fertilization, IVF:

In vitro fertilization, in short, IVF is an artificial procedure which gives the blessing of a child to the infertile couples. It is the process, where-

  • The female eggs are combined with male sperm in the fertility center.
  • The eggs and sperm are placed into a medicated dish along with the special culture that supports eggs and sperm to grow outside the female’s body.
  • The dish is then placed in an incubator machine and constantly monitored by medical professionals to watch if the egg is growing properly and converting into an embryo.
  • When the eggs have been converted into 2 to 8 cells embryos, it is then carefully placed back into a woman’s ovary.
  • This procedure takes 3-5 days depending on various things like the growing capability of eggs, quality of sperm and also fertility clinic which couples choose.

Why Do Couples need To Go For IVF Treatment?

Initially, doctors try other alternatives like medicines, IUI, and many others, before opting for test tube baby solution or IVF treatment for the infertile couples. If such solutions are not showing a positive response, the doctor can suggest IVF. IVF may be advised if both male and female have been diagnosed with following health problems:

  • Damaged or blocked fallopian tubes
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Ovulation problems
  • Sperm motility problems
  • Uterus problems
  • Endometriosis

Test tube baby- worship for couples:

In order to make IVF successful, the patient has to go through some steps-

  • The patient will need to ovulate and develop multiple eggs for the fertilization process. This is not a normal process and the patient has to consume fertility drugs to make it possible.
  • With the support of blood test and ultrasound, the doctor will examine the growth of the eggs.
  • Once the eggs are developed properly they are retrieved from the female’s ovary for the fertilization process.
  • The eggs are removed from a female’s ovary with the support of thin medicated needle. Only experienced medical professionals can do it in a proper way.
  • The patient may feel little cramping on the day of treatment.
  • The Patient can consume drugs to reduce the pain if the doctor allows them.
  • The patient will have to provide semen specimen on the day of the treatment.
  • The semen is very essential to fertilize the stored eggs.
  • Sperm is collected from male and then mixed the egg with sperm in Laboratory Dish to boost fertilization. This process called insemination.
  • Following three to six days of culture, the embryos are transferred to the woman’s uterus with the help of a small tube. This process is a little difficult. If it is completed successfully, then implantation occurs within the six to ten days.

In vitro fertilization:-Success rates

IVF is completely safe, but not always successful. Its success rates vary and depend on various factors. Type of fertility problem and complexity of case reflect in the success rate of this treatment. Patient age is also a major factor in the success rate of the test tube baby procedure. IVF in Bangladesh as well as in India has higher success rates than any another country in the world. There are numerous IVF clinics in Bangladesh but it is very important to choose the right clinic very carefully.

Popular FAQs:

Q. How much does IVF cost?

A. The cost of IVF varies from place to place and clinic to clinic. 1 cycle of IVF includes medicines, procedures, ultrasounds, blood tests, lab work, and embryo storage. The cost of a single IVF cycle is approx INR 1,012,200.

Q. Will IVF significantly increase the chances of having twins or triplets?

A. This is the most common question that has arises in everyone’s mind. And the answer is if a single embryo is transferred, then there will be no chance to have multiple pregnancies. But many women choose to transfer multiple embryos into the womb to get twins or triplets.

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