IVF Pregnancy VS Natural Pregnancy- what is the Difference?

IVF Pregnancy vs Natural Pregnancy-what is the Difference

What is IVF?

IVF is the process of fertilization in which the extracting eggs and the retrieved sperm sample is manually combined in a laboratory dish. The embryo(s) is then conveyed to the uterus.

One of the primary reasons why couples going through fertility treatments experience significantly high levels of stress is basically due to the fact that you’re infertile and that you can’t conceive naturally.

Difference between IVF and natural pregnancy

1. Level of awareness:

One of the major differences between a “regular” pregnancy and an IVF pregnancy is the level of awareness. It is a known fact that most women who become pregnant on their own don’t know that they are pregnant until a month into the pregnancy whereas In IVF pregnancy the couples are immediately aware of the fact that the embryo is transferred into her uterus

2.The cycle of reproduction:

In a normal pregnancy, there is no medication required whereas in IVF pregnancy a woman takes medications for 7 to 10 days to make her ovaries grow and mature.

3. The early pregnancy and Pre Menstrual Symptoms

In normal pregnancy for around three weeks, you will not feel anything except for fatigue, tender breast, nausea and frequent urination. In IVF due to the medications, the patient is likely to experience symptoms of early pregnancy like nausea, bloating. Symptoms of O.H.H.S(ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) is common in patients who have undergone IVF procedure.

4. Birth Defects

6.6percent of non-IVF children are prone to have birth defects whereas 9percent of the babies born under IVF is likely to be born with abnormalities.

5. Costing

No costing for normal pregnancy whereas IVF procedure is extremely costly.

the method of collecting sperm

In IVF procedure the male is prohibited from any sexual intercourse for at least 2 days. The sperm is collected by masturbation. Normal pregnancy happens through natural intercourse.


Being pregnant naturally is definitely a very big reason to celebrate. It will bring joy to you as well as your family members. However, in IVF procedure, it is natural for the patient to feel nervous particularly those with a history of miscarriages. Many people have undergone the IVF procedure successfully therefore so if you have the money to spend you should definitely give it a try too.

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