Why there is a need for IVF in West Bengal

Why there is a need for IVF in West Bengal

The process of fertilization where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body is referred to as In Vitro Fertilization. The doctor looks after the woman’s ovulatory process, an ovum is removed from the woman’s ovaries and the sperm is left to fertilize with it in a laboratory. The egg which is fertilized goes through embryo culture and is conveyed to the same or a different woman’s uterus, with the objective of establishing a successful pregnancy. It is basically a type of aided reproductive technology which is used for the treatment of infertility in which a fertilized egg is implanted into a substitute’s uterus, and the resulting child is unrelated to the substitute. There are some countries that ban or otherwise regulate the availability of IVF treatment, giving rise to fertility tourism. IVF is done mostly if less invasive or expensive options have failed or are unlikely to work.

The significance of IVF in West Bengal

I.V.F is the process in which an egg is combined with a sperm artificially in a laboratory. IVF has many advantages as this process helps in achieving a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby for many patients who cannot conceive naturally

If a woman has blocked or damaged Fallopian tubes IVF is the best measure of having babies. Similarly, IVF is also the best process that can be undergone by patients who are too old to conceive

Couples having male infertility problem will have a higher chance of conceiving with IVF than conceiving naturally. There is one in a million couples who have the problem of unexplained infertility. IVF plays a major role in helping these couples.

IVF has been regarded as one of the safest methods of conception till date. The first IVF baby’s name was Louis Brown who is living happily with her two babies till date. For single mothers and same-sex couples who are in need of a child the process of IVF can be a blessing

Due to the technological advancement, the success rate of IVF has been increasing year after year since its birth. There are other forms of reproduction technology too such as IUI but they do not have a high success rate as that of IVF.

The High standard and quality clinics such as Creation fertility center in West Bengal provide the patients with all the facilities required for a successful IVF procedure. It is the most renowned IVF Centre in West Bengal with highly qualified doctors and staff available 24 hours at your service.

For all the couples in West Bengal who have the problems mentioned above such as male infertility, damaged fallopian tubes, and unexplained infertility IVF process is the solution to all their problems as they will be able to conceive finally. The process of IVF in West Bengal can be done in Creation IVF in Siliguri as the clinic is equipped with top quality instruments and qualified doctors and staff available anytime.


The process of IVF has helped millions of couples all around the world to become parents and they are continuing to do so even today. There are IVF centers in West Bengal such as Creation fertility center that has been performing IVF processes and helping infertile couples, single mothers, and same-sex couples become parents. Therefore it is very much safe to conclude that IVF process is very a very important step towards scientific advancement and its needs and demands has been increasing rapidly.

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