Is there any distinction between an IVF baby and a normal one?

Is there any distinction between an IVF baby and a normal one?

Firstly what is IVF?

The process of fertilizing the eggs outside of the body is known as In Vitro Fertilization. The method is primarily used when a normal baby or a natural birth is not possible.

IVF is an exclusive subject therefore many people are still not convinced about it and hide a lot of predetermined notions. A common opinion among the educated class is that IVF babies are not completely ‘normal’ as they are a product of technological advancement. Some say that IVF babies are artificial because they are designed in well-advanced laboratories. People believe that since the IVF babies are born in laboratories they will never be equal to a natural born baby. This notion is completely wrong as the babies born under IVF are just like a natural born baby, in fact, they might be even healthier than a normal one.

The Major difference:

In the case of IVF, sperms and eggs are fertilized in a laboratory under the supervision of highly qualified doctors. The blending takes place in the test tube instead of Fallopian tube. If the male partner is unable to produce sperms or high-quality sperm, or female partner is unable to produce eggs or high-quality eggs or there is occlusion in the Fallopian tubes then the couple may opt for an IVF process.  The fertilization and fusion of eggs in the laboratory is a substitute of sexual intercourse.

The embryo produced after the fusion is then transferred into the uterus of a woman. The whole process is totally same as any usual case. The embryo is then transferred into the uterus after that the woman gets pregnant and gives birth to a child.

An IVF baby is just as normal as a naturally born baby. We human beings have a tendency of believing rumors and we get easily scared so if somebody spreads a rumor that IVF babies are not normal it will definitely affect the psychology of a couple who is planning for an IVF baby and naturally they will get scared.

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