Implantation Failure in IVF- Why Does It Happen?

Implantation Failure in IVF- Why Does It Happen

Now-a-days, infertility among young couples is incredibly rising throughout the world and hence, it is difficult to conceive naturally without medical intervention. IVF is a term that most couples are now quite well aware of. The general awareness is that it is related to fertility and helps childless couples to give the blessing of a child.

IVF Treatment-

In Vitro Fertilization, in short, IVF is a procedure that involves multiple complex steps. In this procedure, potent eggs & sperms are extracted from the parents for the fertilization in the lab by a skilled embryologist. Usually, 2-4 eggs are fertilized. Among the successfully fertilized eggs, the embryologist selects the healthiest one for transfer to the uterus to grow into an embryo, hence initiating the term of a successful pregnancy.

What is Implantation Failure in IVF?

When an egg & sperm unite together an embryo is formed which divides rapidly and reaches the uterus in the blastocyst stage. Then the blastocyst starts to communicate with the endometrium by secreting some protein molecules. If the embryo is competent enough as well as if the endometrium is receptive, then it results in implantation. If implantation doesn’t happen even after transferring more than good 10 embryos over many cycles, then it is called “implantation failure”.

Why Do Many IVF Patients Face Implantation Failure?

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Before starting, a couple must ensure that they are getting their treatment from a reputed IVF hospital. A large percentage of the IVF failure is due to couples wanting to save money and getting their treatment done by small clinics with a lack of proper facilities. Many of these small clinics mislead patients and perform a poor quality job leading to failure of the procedure.
  • The quality of the embryo is the most important factors for successful embryo transfer. There are times when the quality of either the sperm or the egg or both is not very good which may lead to the implantation failure.
  • It is another important factor for conceiving a child successfully. The environment of the uterus must have to be receptive and well-conditioned. A uterus with a poor quality environment will probably not have a successful outcome.
  • It is important for the environment of the uterus to be receptive. A uterus with a poor quality environment will probably not have a successful implantation outcome.
  • Many embryos die within 5 days of the transfer. This is also called embryo arrest. It is due to a weakness in the embryo itself and has nothing to do with the uterus. However, age is a major factor that affects embryo arrest.
  • Many patients do not take the necessary precautions after the IVF procedure has been performed. They do not follow the instructions given by their doctors which are-
  • Indulge in the strenuous activity
  • Not following a strict healthy diet
  • Not avoiding certain restricted foods as well as alcohol and smoking

A Take Home Message for You-

For a barren couple, it seems to be worship of God of getting the blessing with a child. So, you should take care of yours during the time of pregnancy and also consult a reputed doctor which can solve your problem not only as professionals but also as a family member. There are many reputed fertility clinics as well as hospitals which will give you the opportunity of becoming a parent. They may charge a little more for the IVF treatment but they have a high success rate and operate with the latest techniques for IVF. Having a skilled doctor perform the embryo transfer procedure is very important for a successful IVF.

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