Detailed information regarding IVF procedure and infertility treatment in Gangtok

IVF in Gangtok

What is IVF?

In vitro Fertilization is the process of combining the egg and the sperm outside the body in a Laboratory. I.V.F is mainly used for the treatment of women with ovulation disorders and males who suffer from male factor infertility.

Cost of Treatment

I.V.F low cost= INR. 80,000 to INR. 85,000(including medicines)

I.V.F standard=INR. 65,000+drugs

The four basic steps in IVF include


Step 1: Ovulation Induction

The fertility specialist will monitor your ovaries and the timing of the egg release before and during the in vitro process the doctor will check if your hormone levels are normal or not. If you are not able to produce any eggs, consult your doctor about donor eggs for the IVF process.

Step 2: Retrieval of Egg

Pain medication is given during this process to reduce any discomfort then a thin needle is passed through the upper wall of the vagina.

Step 3: Fertilization

A sample of sperm is secured, from your partner or a donor, and the most engaging sperm is altered with the egg in a chamber.

Step 4: the transfer of Embryo and Implantation

This is the final step of the IVF process. The embryos are examined and the healthiest ones are chosen for transfer. In order to transfer the embryos, a speculum is placed into the vagina and the embryos are transferred through a small plastic tube placed through the cervix into the uterine cavity.

Side effects

Some side effects of IVF include

  • Abdominal pain
  • Constipation
  • Breast tenderness
  • Headaches
  • O.H.H.S

Risks involving IVF

  • Egg retrieval has risks of vaginal bleeding, damage to the stomach or bladder
  • IVF is highly expensive and the Insurance plans do not provide coverage for IVF treatment.

Top IVF fertility center in Gangtok=Creation-the fertility center Gangtok

Even though Infertility does not appear as a major problem in this fast-paced world, the decrease in the fertility rate beyond the population replacement rates in Sikkim is a big problem. Creation IVF center in Gangtok has come up with an idea to provide advanced alternative treatment, to tackle the infertility problems that prevent fertility.

For the infertile couples, the establishment of IVF Centre in Gangtok is a blessing. If you’re looking for infertility treatment, you can now avail world class facilities and IVF treatment in Gangtok itself. You do not have to go to major cities as you will be able to conceive naturally on your own hometown. You will also get the benefit of top-quality medical services and latest technologies by highly professional IVF experts.

The process of IVF can definitely be a successful method in the treatment of infertility in women aged from 40-45 years. IVF can always be an option if either of the couples has received a diagnosis of unexplained fertility or if the fallopian tubes of the woman are blocked. If you live in Sikkim and planning for an IVF treatment do consider IVF creation Gangtok as they will provide you the best services in your hometown itself.

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