Choosing Creation IVF to Address Your Infertility

Choosing Creation IVF to Address Your Infertility

In Vitro-Fertilization, in short IVF, is an artificial procedure by which any barren couple can bless themselves with the grace of parenthood. It is a procedure of fertilization where an egg from a female body and sperm from a male body is combined together in a liquid medium in a laboratory for fusion. After that, the fertilized egg undergoes culture, and is finally transplanted to the same or another woman’s uterus to achieve a successful pregnancy.

There are over 5 million people in the world who were born with the help of IVF, and that number is growing significantly by every minute.

Though IVF is a blessing for many couples now-a-days, there are many questions which arise in everyone’s mind before giving this highly advanced procedure a shot.

So here, we present the most common questions asked about IVF, along with honest answers that can be extremely helpful when you are talking with your doctor or a fertility specialist.

1. Why Choose IVF?

IVF should be your first priority for becoming a parent in case you are a victim of infertility. Through IVF, many have found a positive answer to their infertility. Old age, genetic factors, unhealthy lifestyle, medical conditions – everything can be overcome if you seek the assistance of this highly advanced medical procedure.

 2. How much does IVF cost?

The cost of IVF varies from place to place and clinic to clinic. 1 cycle of IVF includes medicines, procedures, ultrasounds, blood tests, lab work, and embryo storage.

The cost of a single IVF cycle is approx INR 1,012,200.

 3. How successful is IVF?

The success rate depends upon the many factors including the age factor. It is known that women at the age gap between 20-35 have A high success rate of pregnancy than the women who belong to age more than 40.

4. Will IVF significantly increase the chances of having twins or triplets?

This is the most common question that has arises in everyone’s mind. And the answer is if a single embryo is transferred, then there will be no chance to have multiple pregnancies. But many women choose to transfer multiple embryos into the womb to get twins or triplets.


Infertility is a common problem now-a-days for many married couples who want to become parents. The creation and birth of Test-Tube Babies have been the most successful & positive endeavor in the field of IVF. In this process, the proper procedure, medication as well as strict precautions are crucial. So before thinking about IVF, you should know all about the factors as well as precautions. And only then, you can enjoy a successful & joyous pregnancy. Creation IVF is India’s top and most positive result oriented IVF fertility center based in Siliguri, West Bengal. So, if you are suffering from infertility and need medical help, then came to our center to resolve your problem and get a blessing by becoming the parent.

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