Causes Of Infertility –Seek The Help From The Best Ivf Centre In Kolkata

Causes Of Infertility –Seek The Help From The Best Ivf Centre In Kolkata

Infertility is a phenomenon that knocks at your door when you’re completely unprepared. Though drastically unheard of, this condition affects everyone among six couples and causes a riot of a psychological & emotional mess between the inflicted partners. Even when you think that life is going ahead in a normal pace, many couples miss out on conceiving during the peak period of their fertility and end up having numerous problems in conceiving during the later stages of their life.

It is known that the potency of fertility in both men and women decrease drastically after they hit the 30 mark. Hence, numerous cases of infertility get registered, and many more such cases go unheard because fear, anxiety and shame grip the couple in its clutches, ultimately leading in them towards a sad, broken & unfulfilled life. If a couple has been trying to conceive for over a year with no success, they are highly likely to be under the shadow of infertility.

Yet, many do not give up & research for the last ray of hope, so that they can make one last effort in unison to breathe life into a dream that every couple dreams together. The dream of conceiving a child together.

And if you share the same dream, you have landed in the right place. Read on to know intensively about why Infertility occurs and how the best IVF Centre in Kolkata can come to your rescue –

  • Hormone Imbalance – Hormonal Imbalance in women is one of the most popular causes of infertility. The fluctuation in the secretion of hormones in a female is caused by a dysfunctional coordination between the pituitary gland and the female reproductive system. With irregular secretion of estrogen & progesterone, a female’s regular menstruation cycle gets disrupted, resulting in long dry spells and irregular ovulation timings.
  • Endometriosis – This is a phenomenon where the normal activity of the uterus gets disrupted. Normally, every month, the uterus wall prepares itself as a host for the embryo. It creates a thick lining within the inner walls of the uterus that acts as a nutritional cushion for the growing baby. This lining is known as the endometrial lining. In case of Endometriosis, the lining starts to grow & attach itself to other parts of the body apart from the uterus. This abnormality is one of the prime causes of infertility too.
  • Low Follicle Count – Many women, who sustain poor harmful habits like consistent smoking and drinking, or are exposed to harmful environmental conditions suffer from low follicle count. Factors like pollution, exposure to pesticides, or have been through chemotherapy sessions, tend to have poor egg health. Hence, the female’s reproductive system often fails to sustain a life. Stress is also another major factor that contributes to this condition that ultimately leads to infertility.
  • Blockage in the Tubes – The fallopian tubes are the pathway used by the ova(egg) to travel from the ovaries to the uterus. There, the ova settles itself against the inner wall of the uterus and starts to grow into a full-fledged embryo. But certain factors like the growth of fibroids and endometriosis lead to the blockage of fallopian tubes. This way, the ova doesn’t get to reach the uterus, ultimately resulting in infertility.
  • Low Sperm Count – Also, if the male indulges in an unhealthy lifestyle, he tends to suffer from the case of low sperm count. With chronic consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, physical damage to the reproductive system, poor maintenance of diet, tight clothing, et cetera, chances of suffering from this condition runs extremely high. Sometimes, this problem is genetic. It also comes as a side effect from continual exposure to radiation during chemotherapy. If the count is lesser than 20 million per ml, the male suffers from low sperm count.

However, you can overcome any of these given conditions and conceive a child successfully. And for that, you will need the expert assistance of the best IVF Treatment Centre in Kolkata.

In-Vitro Fertilization is a process where both potent eggs and sperms are extracted from the mother and the father, and the process of fertilization occurs in a highly specialized lab with the help of the best technical aid in the field of medicine. After the fertilization, the egg is placed on the uterus so that it can further grow into an embryo, hence initiating the term of a successful pregnancy.

All of this can be achieved if you consult the Creation IVF Centre. Here, you can make your dream come true at extremely affordable IVF cost in Kolkata & Siliguri. Here, your happiness is taken care of through the hands of experts.

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