Benefits of Exercising and work-out during Pregnancy

Benefits of Exercising during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a significant phase in a woman’s life. It is a period of transition from being just married to motherhood. In many religious contexts, pregnancy is considered a blessing, a good prediction for a happy marriage and a prosperous life. Pregnancy is not just a stage; it is the most crucial tenure that every married or unmarried woman aspires for sometime during her life. It is a time when a woman undergoes physical, mental, emotional changes. Due to the unpredictable changes in hormones, a woman may feel physically vulnerable, emotionally unstable and thus needs a considerable support and care. Pregnancy acquired normally or through IVF procedures requires the equal amount of care. Apart from diet, exercising is very beneficial for the health of a baby and for you in the years to come. So, here are the promising benefits of exercising during pregnancy, which are mentioned below-

1. You will stay slim and healthy-

According to a research, exercising or working out during the pregnancy ensures 7times lesser weight gain as compared to the woman who does not exercise. You will stay within the healthy weight gain range during your pregnancy with consistent exercise.

2. You can have easy labor and delivery-

Regular exercise will result in a fit cardiovascular system that results in better strength and stamina during the pushing stage. A research shows that pre-birth aerobics on regular basis works as pain reduction medication by 58% during labor than the ones who don’t exercise.

3. Exercise will reduce your gestational diabetes risk by 27%-

During pregnancy, there are high risks of developing type II diabetes due to blood sugar fluctuation, which might result in having an overweight baby, or preterm delivery complications. Even if you develop diabetes, despite your fitness (since age and genetics contribute to a great extent) – work out or exercise will help delay or prevent your requirement for insulin or other necessary medications.

4. You will always be in good mood-

According to a study, the women who remain physically active during their pregnancy end up being in a better mood as compared to their inactive companions.

5. You will be free from intense back pain-

2 out of 3 mother to be women suffer from intense back pain. But exercises like pelvic tilts, yoga, water workouts can provide much more relief. Exercising during the second half of pregnancy period is immensely beneficial.

6. Better bowel movements-

Due to high progesterone levels and expanding uterus, a pregnant woman’s intestinal tracts frequently get pushed up, complicating the bowel movements. The intake of high fiber diet with exercise will keep your digestive system smooth.

7. Exercise ensures flexibility-

A pregnancy hormone called as Relaxin, prepares your body for delivery by loosening your pelvic joints and the rest of the joints. Prenatal yoga workouts and careful stretches will certainly help you acquire tremendous benefits.

8. Exercise reduces the chances of morning sickness-

Nausea prevents many women from exercising, but many who exercise reported the disappearance of queasiness after exercising or a workout, and further said that their minds move off from nausea for a couple of hours.

9.You’ll quickly become normal and active after delivery-

After the delivery, you will quickly bounce back and will enjoy hobbies, and socialize as compared to those who remained inactive during pregnancy. Exercising during pregnancy will help you deal better with the demands of motherhood as a novice.

10. Exercise beats pre-natal depression-

If you exercise outdoors, the bright light will work as an anti-depressant. 12%-20% of the pregnant women suffer from depression which will result in poor sleep and marital problems later in life. Exercising outdoors in the bright light helps you keep depressions at bay.

11. Active Immune system-

Exercises keep your immune system lively and reduce the chances of catching the minor flu or cold. So, moderate exercise like walking can contribute to a great extent in boosting your immunity system.

12. Better sleep-

Exercise will help you sleep better. Pregnant women, who exercise claim that they fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly and longer than the inactive counterparts.

13. Your children become smarter as they grow-up-

Studies shows that work out during pregnancy impacts greatly on a kid’s development, they will have better memories, higher intelligence, and better verbal expressions or language tests.

14. You look best-

Exercise enhances circulation, and results in blood flow to your skin, accentuating that pregnancy glow. In addition, when you’re fitter, it will eventually show up.

15. You feel comforted and controlled-

During pregnancy, your body will change in all weird ways, making you feel that your entire world is changing in an unknown manner. Exercising consistently with a precise timetable and the knowledge makes you positive and makes you believe that you’re doing something wonderful for your baby and for yourself.
Have a great prenatal phase and a blessed motherhood together for a happy home.

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