5 Dynamics You Should Know Before Planning For a Second IVF Baby

5 Dynamics You Should Know Before Planning For a Second IVF Baby

The birth of a baby is a very joyous occasion for everyone. Infertile couples who have had an IVF baby find even more reason to celebrate. They have gone through much emotional and physical trauma to get to this blessing moment where they can hold their huge bundle of enjoyment. All the months of visiting the hospital and undergoing various medical treatments have finally end-up in an adorable baby. While many couples feel that one child is enough, some infertile couples are so desperate for a child that when they finally have one, they don’t think beyond that. Usually, they want a second baby as a playmate for their other child.

Here we will discuss the 5 dynamics that you should know before planning for a second child through IVF:

1. Prior experience of IVF gives you a positive hope-

IVF is a complex procedure which involves a lot of factors, from egg retrieval to proper medication; it creates a lot of stress and anxiety to the parents, because of the uncertain nature of the outcome. But while conceiving a second IVF baby, you have prior experience and better equipped mentally to tackle the challenges. As you have already gained a brief idea about the treatment during the first IVF procedure, so during the second IVF baby treatment there will be less nervousness which enhances chances of success.

2. Increase the chances of second-time pregnancy-

As per many scientific studies, if you have successfully conceived the first baby through IVF treatment, the IVF pregnancy rate for the second time rises significantly. Another advantage is that you and your doctor can review the prior cycle in the first attempt to follow the decisions which were beneficial and exclude those decisions those were not fruitful.

3. Benefits of using the latest technological advancements-

Like any other medical process, the process of IVF treatment also witnesses the latest technological advancements from time to time. The arrival of innovative procedures has a positive influence on the outcome of IVF treatment. So, there is a possibility of getting benefits during conceiving the second IVF baby from the latest technological apparatus which was unavailable during your first IVF baby treatment.

4. Less health risk of advanced technology for second IVF baby-

Some couples thought that IVF is being a complex procedure; it may cause the health-related problem during the second time of pregnancy. But, it is not true because the new advanced technology is less risky for the health. The scientists developed the new treatment in such a way that does not hamper your health in case of second-time pregnancy and get the blessings of a second child.

 5. Gives you a joyous moment through a sibling of your first child-

The first IVF baby is always about fulfilling your dreams of parenthood by experiencing having a child. However, parents think about the second IVF baby to provide a sibling for their first child that brings a joyous moment in your family and it turns to a complete happy family.

Popular FAQs-

Q. What is the success rate of second time IVF baby?

A. As per studies, the success rate of second time IVF baby increases up to 40% after the conceiving the first baby through IVF treatment.

Q. How does age affect my ability to get pregnant for the second time?

A. The prime productive age for women is between 16 and 28, although one can usually count on good quality eggs until the age of 38. Women belong to the age 39 or more have the lower probability of a successful pregnancy.

Q. Could long flights affect the risk of miscarriage?

A. There are no scientific or medical studies that we know of that would suggest that this was something to worry about.

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