3 Beautiful IVF Success Stories about Couples over the age of 40

3 Beautiful IVF Success Stories about Couples over the age of 40

Now-a-days, infertility is a very common problem for many married couples who want to become parents. However, this problem can be overcome with the help of the procedure of IVF. In Vitro-Fertilization, in short, IVF is the process where both potent eggs & sperms are extracted from the parents. Then the extracted egg and sperm are combined together in a specialized lab for the fertilization. And then the egg is placed on the uterus so that it can further grow into an embryo, hence initiating the term of a successful pregnancy.

Is age a dominating factor to be blessed with a child?

Here is your answer. It is well known that the age is a huge factor to get the blessing of pregnancy. Naturally, the prime productive age for women is between 16 and 28, although one can usually count on good quality eggs until the age of 38. Women belong to the age 39 or more have the lower probability of a successful pregnancy. However, with the advancement of modern technology and improvement of science, your dream comes true. Any barren couple can get the blessing of a child even after 40 with the help of IVF treatment.

Some successful stories about IVF that will blow your mind

Here, we have mentioned 3 beautiful IVF success stories that will really help you to stay positive and focus on that ultimate goal of having your own baby.

1. Teena said (Age- 48) – “I did 3 intrauterine inseminations between 2004 and 2007. I also did a frozen embryo transfer with donor embryos. Then we’d get to the embryo transfer and it was so thrilling, but both times, something was wrong with the embryo and I lost the pregnancy. And after 3 rounds of IVF, now I have the most amazing 8-year-old boy and he gives me the feeling of being a great mother. It gives me and my husband immense happiness through this wonderful experience.”

2. Jessica said (Age- 41)-“My husband and I went through IVF after we tried to conceive naturally for more than three years, and we had success with our second round. I am recently pregnant with our first child on the 15th of January 2017. It gives us the most awesome feeling.”

3. Rachel said (Age-43) – “I had several pre-existing health conditions that made it unsafe to carry my own child. So, we went through IVF for surrogacy to carry our child. As my doctors only approved me for one round treatment due to my health conditions, so I did a ton of research on clinics before going for IVF. And we finally nailed it by choosing right clinics where cycles and procedures were performed according to my health condition. Now we are blessed with twins, one boy and one girl.”

Don’t let age be a factor that decides your Parenthood-

So, it can be concluded that age is not at all a huge factor that decides your parenthood. You can get the blessing and feel the joy of having an own child. The improvement of science and with the help of safe methods thousand of couples can rebuild their broken dreams through IVF genuine practices.

Popular FAQs:

Q. How many days will I be on stimulation medication before retrieval?

A. Most women are usually on medication for 9-13 days.

Q. If I’m not pregnant, when can we try again?

A. Normally, patients are asked to wait for one or two full menstrual cycles before resuming another IVF cycle.
Q. How much does IVF cost?
A. The cost of IVF varies from place to place and clinic to clinic. The cost of a single IVF cycle is approx INR 1,012,200.

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