IVF Fertility Centre in Nepal

The IVF centre in Nepal provides the IVF treatment in Nepal which ensures that every infertile family are blessed with the gift of a child. Having children is not possible for all, but our technological advancements ensure that the affected infertile families do have a child of their own. We have been successfully assisting families with hopes and giving lives to many families and shall continue with it in near future, as our happiness lies upon your satisfaction. Being infertile is no more a curse now, so get in touch with us to know about the vast possibilities and procedure involved in giving your family a new hope and the most precious gift to any mother, in the form of a child.

Why Care IVF in Nepal

Compassionate Counseling - Counsellors provide compassionate counseling to patients throughout the IVF process to take care of them both physically as well as mentally. It is important for the mother to be fit and belief in herself and the treatment.

Palmative care - To help you through the process our utmost care services will be provided to you in the form of Genetic Consoling, Nutrition clinic, psychological therapy, Meditation and Panic Healing therapy. We make sure you are perfectly fine during your course of treatment.

Consult Beyond Borders - Skype consultations are available for foreign patients too. For patients near the borders, who would like to be a part of our process may receive consultation over the social media as consultation is a must for families receiving IVF.

Success Rates - The success rates are very high if every single step from the patients health to the mental state of hers stands perfectly fine. The treatment is said to have a 50-50 chance of success which increases hugely due to our advancements in technology and treatments.

Pre Implantation Genetics - Our IVF centre provides Pre Genetic Diagnosis of Embryos using CGH Technology suitable for Couples who have history of Genetic Disease and is suitable for Couples with advanced age like above(> 35).

PGS & PGD - PGD or Pre Genetic Diagnosis looks deeper into the embryos for any gross defects in the number of chromosomes.

Fetal Medicine Department - Our Fetal Medicine Department offer services like Anomaly Scan, Screening for Downs, 3D/4D Fetal Fans, Genetic Sonograms, Amniocentesis, Fetal Reduction, Chorionic Sampling and Fetal Blood Sampling.

High Precision Sonography - We have certain Advanced Ultrasound equipments which is based on investigative procedures and also have precision imaging with high detection rates.

Fertility Preservation - The IVF center is equipped with facilities to avail Cryopreservation services and also have Donor banks to help needy patients and clinicians.