IVF Fertility Centre in Bangladesh

IVF centre in Bangladesh is a hope that has been delivering happiness to many families who are not able to have a child on their own. The IVF centre is equipped with latest equipments and use latest technological advancements and a fertility expert, who is there for any enquiry that you may have about this condition. The blend of all three produce better success rate and we have been delivering happiness to many families across the country too. Get in touch with our experts to know if you are in perfect health to carry on with the IVF treatment. Take home bundles of happiness.

What type Service provided by IVF in Bangladesh

IVF is the new solution to a social evil called infertility which has deprived many families from having their own children, which are the most precious members of any family. Advancements of technology and its advancements have provided a new method called IVF which is now available in Bangladesh. Let us look at a few services provided by the IVF in Bangladesh:

Infertility Check up - It is very important to understand the find the cause of infertility before starting the necessary treatment procedure. A check up or an infertility workup is done by IVF on either male or female which includes some follow up test and some brief examinations, which is done to find out the exact reason for infertility so that the treatment also can be as effective as it can be.

In Vitro Fertilization - In vitro fertilization (IVF) is definitely a landmark discovery which has bought happiness to many families. Our IVF services are an effective way of fertility treatment where the sperm and the eggs are combined in a laboratory. After they have combined, the resulting embryos are also tested to assess their quality. The healthy combinations are then placed in the uterus through the cervix.

Frozen Embryo Replacement Cycle (FERC) - If during the IVF cycle, there has been more than one good quality embryos, only one can be possible to be used at a time. The remaining healthy embryo are assured good results whose certainty may vary if they are thrown away unused so these embryo are frozen for future use. The embryos are frozen at extremely low temperatures which keeps them intact for a number of years.